How to Generate More Leads Online


leads-onlineDo you want to know how to generate more leads online for your home based business?  If you can learn how to generate free leads, that will go a long way for your business.  That is a way better option than to buy leads.  Save your money and learn how to get leads online.

Build an Email List

Building an email list is so important!  Your list is your biggest asset in your business regardless of what product or service your company offers.

Here’s an important fact to remember.  There will always be more people looking for information about your product, service, or opportunity than there are people ready to buy.

The point of you building a branded authority blog or other branded marketing channel is you want to start building your email list.

A lot of new subscribers won’t buy right away, but they could in the future.  Building an email list helps you build rapport with your subscribers.  When you have great rapport you will make sales.

You need to consistently create content and building your email list.  Always and forever!

One thing a lot of people don’t understand is that marketing is all about generating leads, especially leads online.

Here are some tips to help generate more leads online for your home based business.

3 Tips to Generate More Leads Online

1.  Never ever produce a piece of content that doesn’t have some kind of a CTA – call to action that makes them a lead.

Create videos with these 4 simple steps.

1.  Intro 2. Question  3. Info – teach a tip 4. CTA

Introduce yourself, ask a question, answer the question with a tip or two, then tell the viewer what to do at the end.  Easy peesy lemony squeezy.

2.  Record everything

Whether it’s an interview, conference call, some type of training.  This information can be used as a giveaway to get leads online or bonuses.

Promote webinars.  Promoting webinars is an excellent way to add value to your email list and make more sales.

Every morning when you wake up you need to be thinking about how your going to generate leads online that day.

3.  Share value instead of throwing your capture page link everywhere.

This is where a lot of people go wrong when trying to generate leads online for whatever business they are a part of.

Instead try this…Shoot a video that shares some value and info from inside the course you are promoting.  Then send them to the capture page.  Say something like, “Hey guys here’s 4 tips on how to do _______.  By the way I got these tips from this page over here.  If you want more tips like this feel free to visit that page.”

You will get way more leads that way.  By doing a 2 step process instead of just sending them directly to a capture page.

If your not generating a lot of leads online now, keep consistently putting out content until you get a regular flow of leads.

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