Target Marketing and Why It is So Important


target-marketingDo you struggle with target marketing and narrowing down who your exact target market is?  Don’t worry I will help you to make sure your target marketing efforts are not for naught.

What is Target Marketing?

According to target marketing or target market is, “Target market – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  A target market is a group of customers a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise towards.[1] A well-defined target market is the first element of a marketing strategy.”

Target Marketing and Your Marketing Strategy

If you are going to have any type of marketing channel, you should know your target market.  What is a marketing channel? Facebook fanpage, blog, Youtube channel, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

Your marketing channel should speak to your target market.

Questions About Target Marketing

Maybe you have struggled with questions similar to these…

Who should I talk to?

What target market should I go after?

What niche should I focus on?

People new to marketing make this way too complicated.  You should not over complicate this.

Tips For Target Marketing

Instead of look at what works, look at what get you fired up.  What do you get excited about?  You don’t have to always for something that is super popular.

Anything works when it comes to services or products.  The key is that you truly understand the problems, obstacles, pain, and frustrations of your target market and you are providing solutions.

Pick a target market that fires you up.  Pick one and run with it.  Don’t spend too much time figuring out your target market.  The sooner you figure it out the sooner you can help them.  Start adding value to them and serving them.

If you have a blog as a part of your target marketing efforts and you are branding yourself, more people will find you that want to work with you.

Here Are Some Don’t Dos

People might say, “But I’m really passionate about dogs, beauty, etc.  That sort of stuff is for your social media profiles, not your business page.  Your marketing channel should be focused.  If you are talking about more than one niche/category IE: weight loss, making money,  You will never become an expert in either!

Here is the key.  It is not the expertise level that you currently have, it’s how many people know it.

You never want the title “best kept secret.”  Why?  Because it means you are a bad marketer.  It also means that other people with inferior products or services than you are known more than you.  You want to be in front of our known by as many people as humanly possible.  The more people who know about you, the more people you are able to serve and help.

Instead of sitting on the bench, pick a target market and get in the game!

Over time you will learn if you picked the right target market by the content you put out and the response you get from people.  Whether you stay with the target market of choice or not, if you create content consistently to assist your target market, you will have developed great daily habits that will help you moving forward.

Did this help you moving forward with target marketing and helping you choose a specific target market you want to help?  Whether your target market is network marketing or another niche, these tips should help you go out and crush it!



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